In-Line RF Power Detector

Part Number: PM1800-1A


The PM1800-1A is a purpose built in-line RF power detector for 1800MHz band cellular systems, measuring the RMS power. With an excellent broadband match, the PM1800-1A can be used to monitor any 1700MHz-2000MHz signal. It provides a low insertion loss option for detecting incident power and monitoring reflected power from the load. It’s in line design provides a unique solution for non-invasive power monitoring. Offering 12dB of directivity and a 35dB dynamic range the PM1800-1A is well suited for a number of power detection applications.


  • 1800 MHz
  • High Power
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • TTL Level Signals
  • Large Dynamic Range
  • N-Type Connectors
  • Switchcraft 5 pin Connector

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